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Bug Out Weapons Bag

Sensible Survival Presents: The “Bug Out Weapons Bag”. If you ever need to “Bug Out”, having your firearms and ammo together can be vital to you and your fam…
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Maglite XL50 LED Flashlight

Sensible Survival Presents: The Mag-Lite XL50 LED Flashlight. Great Tactical design with a push button switch on the tail and a machined Aluminum Body, The X…
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A weapons platform for all!

A very easy, simple, reliable, fun, and cheap platform for anyone/everyone!
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Project Glock: Streamlight TLR-1s Weapons Light

The latest addition to the Project Glock is the Streamlight TLR-1s weapons light.

News Wrap: Senate Approves Ban on Assault-Style Weapons

In other news Thursday, the Democratic-led Senate Judiciary Committee approved a new ban on assault weapons. Also, President Barack Obama met with both Senat…

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Tagged: 3 Home Defense Weapons

Tagged: 3 Home Defense Weapons

I was tagged by MeAndMyGuns44 www.youtube.com and I’m tagging the following 3 folks: MakingMasterClass www.youtube.com ovi1013 www.youtube.com MidwestMiddleClass www.youtube.com
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Contest: www.youtube.com TheSwedishParacordNut www.youtube.com 1957Shep www.youtube.com MakingMasterClass www.youtube.com
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Weapons Test: AK-74 Parts Kit Build MrSKSkill

Testing Functionality of the AK-74s’ Operating System from my channels Build Series videos • Stay Classy World. My Channel: •www.youtube.com •Thanx for watching and God Bless America ••••• NoDak Spud Quality AK47/74 AKM Receivers•••• •••• •www.youtube.com •••• video link •NOLATAC nolatac.com •NOLATAC FORUM forum.nolatac.com NOLATAC Firearms Training is a firearms and defensive training organization which specializes in personal protection, small arms instruction, product testing and evaluation, security consulting, and home and personal safety audits. Our experience in law enforcement, military, and private security contracting give us the necessary tools to help those looking for options in this increasingly hostile world. We are committed to providing tactical and defensive training to all those who want to learn through our own curriculm and by hosting nationally recognized experts in a variety of subjects. We know how important your safety and that of your family is to you– we take it just as seriously! (Bulgarian Parts Kit from AK-builder.com) (Matching #’s) NoDak Spud, AK, AK 47 Receiver, akm, How to build an AK, riveting, ak 74, bulgaria, install MrSKSkill AK 47 AKM 762 7.62×39 Happy Captain Sergei Mosin Léon Nagant 1891 Tula Izhevsk Sestroryetsk Remington 7.62x54mmR Model 1891 Infantry Rifle Dragoon Rifle Cossack Rifle Model 1907 Carbine Model 1891/30 Czechoslovakia VZ91/38 Carbine VZ54 Sniper Rifle China Type Pattern Romania Poland United States US Rifle 7.6 53
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James Yeager Talks Weapons Light – Range Time with Cory & Erika

www.tacticalresponse.com Follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com Also Follow us on twitter: twitter.com ammo from www.summitammunition.com

Video of Que’s interview with James Yeager
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Colt 1911 Wins 22 Million Dollar Contract “US Marines” weaponseducation

The Marines ROCK & So Does COLT!

So you wanna carry a concealed weapon?

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