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Gun Gripes Episode 39: “The Survival Mentality”

Microstamping Of Guns “Gun Control” By The Goverment weaponseducation

The Goverment Is Fighting Against us, We Will Not Tolerate it. READ THIS:
Join The NRA

Michelle sells a gun to the “Grandfather”

This a video for the fans. We’ve been getting a ton of phone calls, so we figured we would introduce

The Militia vs The People – Part 2


Gun Gripes Episode 37: The gun show loop hole


AK47 Ammo in the USA 7.62×39

We take a look at collecting AK Ammunition in the U.S.
The history of the 7.62×39 round
What firearms sere

Concealed Carry Part 4: Advanced Pistol Drills

There are many things you can practice to become a better practical pistol shot, and we think there techniques will

Gun Gripes Episode 35: The thought Police

We see this kind of stuff all the time. What it amounts to is a nanny system protecting your from

Remington, Winchester, Marlin, RIFLE DAY AT THE RANGE!!!!! weaponseducation

High power rifles, plus a very special Ithaca Shot Gun ! Very Special range day!

“Lightning OTF: Annoy Your Wife!” by Nutnfancy

The fun this knife delivers is worth more than the $30 you will pay for it. Even better is the

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