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Just my .02 cents on Nutnfancy… http://www.youtube.com/user/nutnfancy Music by Kevin MacLeod.

Faliaphotography New gun reviewer. Better than nutnfancy or sootch00 ???

For a gail that has just started doing gun reviews all I can say is wow, she is a natural Walther PPQ – First Edition video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xr…

PF9 Report Thanks Sootch00! Thanks Nutnfancy!

Picked up a Keltec PF9. I wanted to share my initial shooting results with y’all. I also wanted to thank Nuntfancy and Sootch00 for their good advice.

Nutnfancy My food storage does not suck

Video response to nutnfancy.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Mention NUTNFANCY in all Honeyville store locations to receive 15% OFF on SIX #10 cans or more until 31 Jan 2013!!! Not valid for online sales yet.//////////…

Nutnfancy Rally Speech on Utah Capitol Steps 1-19-13

Went up to the Capitol today to throw down some support for the 2nd Amendment march, and good ol Nutnfancy was there and threw down a wicked speech. Happened to be ringside, but without my HD camera. It cuts out at the end due to my battery, but you’ll get the jist of it. His official version is way kickin

Pro-gun activists rallied at the two-hour rally that coincided with the national Gun Appreciation Day – Nutnfancy addresses the crowd of over 1000 in the freezing cold. Awesome job. Gun Rally SLC . Video coverage by Utah Gun Owners (www.utgo.org)
Video Rating: 5 / 5

“FN FNAR: Heavy Hitter, Accurate” by Nutnfancy

Modern day piracy on the high seas. Kidnappings, murders, hijackings, theft, and attacks of vessels happen frequently. Sounds like it’s a good time to arm up. Take an FNAR. From some hard core testing in TNP, the FNAR proved it’s up to the task. It will dominate small bore 5.56mm or even 7.62x39mm rifles in range and power, giving the “Captain” more options in engagement (motor disabling, body armor penetration). This is just one of the fascintation POUs discussed for the capable FNAR. Based on the sporting BAR rifle, the FNAR features many upgrades making in more suitable for tactical use: M1913 Picatinny Rail on receiver, rails of forearm, widely adaptable ergos with buttpads and cheek pieces (included), comfortable pistol grip, matte finishing, parkerized chrome lined 1/11 fluted barrel, aluminum receiver, excellent 4.5 trigger, detachable 5, 10,20 rd mags (easy to load as well) and perfect checkering on the synthetic stock. A discussion of this sporting rifle in comparison to the M1A ensues with emphasis on pedigree. Reliability of the FNAR was outstanding with both ball, soft point, and match ammunition cycling with near perfect reliability. We did find rounds can lodge between the bolt and the upper receive due to tolerances. Accuracy was excellent and this SAPR is capable of sub MOA performance with match ammo and care (shown). Much of our shooting consisted of long range engagements on Actiontarget.com steel (use code nutnfancy) and the FNAR proved itself to be a

This video turns into a rant... But seriously, DO something

Coming out of my cave to let everyone know I’m still breathing and selling knives. Better vids coming later on after the crazy work shifts and holiday celebrations. Looks like the world hasn’t ended ;-p Check out these guys! www.youtube.com/nutnfancy www.youtube.com/mrcolionnoir www.youtube.com/sootch00
Video Rating: 4 / 5

NEW TNP T-Shirts and other crap by Nutnfancy

This might the favorite TNP T-Shirt yet, check it out. Along with way we’ll discuss TNP issues and I’ll show you some other cool stuff you just might like. Webstore: www.nutnfancy.bigcartel.com///////////////Bid on the Gloves at: www.ebay.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

This is bad history in the making. With the onslaught of the disarmament mob heading towards American gun owners, the shelves are going bare…fast. Come along for a Nutnfancy media event as we check in with Gunnies Gun Store and Western Wear in Orem, UT to this phenomena up close. We start out in the turbo Z for the drive down in rare sunshine. Upon arriving we hook up with our TNP friend Bryan Hood again, callsign Coyote, as we walk and talk through the store. Gunnies is one of the best gun stores I’ve seen with wide selection, decent prices, knowledgeable staff (some!), and unwaivering 2nd Amendment support. But here you will see the panic buying that is sweeping America as King Obama presses forward with his disarmament policy, just as I have been warning the world about for all of 2012. No matter, it’s here and it’s now. We discuss we people have been buying, for how much, and even do a couple of gear checks on TNPrs. Many of you will break down and cry when you see the low prices, still, on some of the guns shown: 0 for a Glock. But with outrageous, unprecedented demand these prices and availability are ephemeral. There is no re-supply in sight, many mfrs are refusing orders throughout 2013 and will wait to see what anti-self defense legislation transpires. It is an eye opening and regrettable historic event. But remember this: when everything is illegal, nothing is.

Stove Fails, Chili Wins!: Cooking with Nutnfancy

Prepare to be hungry! We find ourselves in the snow again with an appetite, a common occurrence in TNP. I will show you how I cook my very easy to make but superb chili [recipe below!]. While I do this in the snow, wind, and cold I review the GS-3000 Butane Cartridge stove. From the title you can see it fares not too impressively. With hunger still looming it was time to grab the awesome little MSR Pocket Rocket again and get the job done. The stage is a loud urban environment, something new in TNP. Despite the pot almost falling off, the cooking proceed with entertainment and some tips. What results, using the high quality ingredients shown, can only be described as some the best chili on earth. The Nutnfancy Chili recipe! Time to eat.///////////////Recipe: 1.5 lbs leanest ground beef you can find, 1 can Kidney Beans, 1 Can Pinto Beans, 8 oz can Tomato sauce, 1.25 tablespoons Chili Powder, 1 Large onion chopped, 1 Teaspoon Lowry’s Salt, 1 Teaspoon Cajun Seasoning, ½ Teaspoon Ground Black Pepper, ½ Teaspoon A1 Sauce ((if available), 1 Teaspoon Salt, ½ Cup water. Modify to test, cook as shown. Serve with real sour cream and Zesta brand crackers for more awesomeness.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

“RAW VIDEO: UTAS UTS-15 Fail” by Nutnfancy

Get ready for some huge laughs as we attempt to run the UTAS UTS-15 for the first time. But what’s not so funny is how bad it is. This is not some silly setup as some have suggested in the comments just a fresh-from-box shooting test of the gun. The hype on this gun is just that and just like I always do, I shred it. I depart from group think and go after the truth in my testing…no matter how shocking it may be. TacticalDoodle and myself had high hopes for this futuristic piece billed by many as the latest design in “rugged combat shotguns.” Hardly. There are lots of laughs and jokes in this Nutnfancy basic edit but the jokes is really on the UTS-15…it needs a lot of work and should have never been released like this. Watch my full review that will cover lots of other glaring mistakes in this design.////////////////////////Nutnfancy Likability Scale: NOT RECOMMENDED////////////////Info: I actually don’t know exactly why this UTS-15 sucked here and as you can see this new-from-box had several functional problems. I doubt anything was mechanically broken as you see a good string fired. But as in other epic fails in TNP, even favored guns [like Ruger SR-9] I show it. We purchased this UTS-15 direct from dealer who sold it as new and it looked completely unfired or tampered with when we got it.

Shooters are under fire…themselves. There are well-funded, organized groups that work to close YOUR shooting range and public lands (if you have any) to YOUR shooting activities. They don’t care if you’re target shooting, tactical shooting, plinking, competing, zeroing, your rifle, or hunting. They hate it. It doesn’t help we have jackass shooters running around shooting signs, polluting, leaving couches, computers, shell casings, pallets, washers, beer cans, tires, propane tanks, and all manner of trash in our wild places either. These individuals are enemies to our freedoms, alienating us from society and adding fuel to the banning crowd. We need to conduct ourselves in these areas with a sense of preservation; leave the area how you found it if not better. In TNP we routinely clean up the messes from these selfish a-holes. Use steel targets, don’t use explosive target in dry areas (seasonal fires also threaten to close our areas), and shoot safely with good backdrops. A simple formula for helping our cause and yet in my experience MOST shooters in my areas do not do this. Photographic evidence provided. I sometimes think we are the only shooters out here taking care of these beautiful natural places. The future looks bleak for gun ownership in the US. These majestic areas I show you in TNP will one day be off limits with road blocks and perhaps even car searches in the future as the society gets serious in keeping us out of these areas. It will go hand in hand with
Video Rating: 4 / 5

“Valley Of Death” RunNGun, Final by Nutnfancy

The final part in the crew get together RunNGun with TNPr Zant in attendance. Fatigue sets in a bit but we kill it still. The Actiontarget.com plate remains a favorite and we burn lots of ammo there, sucking at times no doubt. Guns such as the Sig P226 E2, PMR-30, STI 1911 Custom, Glock 17, S&W Model 15, S&W TRR8, Browning Buckmark, Ruger 22/45 and a few others make appearances. After some instruction, our new friend Zant makes excellent progress in marksmanship and makes some great long shots from the ridge after we dope the shot. We mock the PFI’s long breaks. And to end I come up with a new drill YOU can play called “Follow the Leader” [if you have a dusty environment].

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