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Zombie Hunting

Fun Gun Reviews Presents: “Zombie Hunting”! During the Zombie Hunting season, we’re showing off our Zombie hunting gear. Be ready for the coming Zombie Invas…

Revelation Lighted Hunting Knife – Failed

Review of the Revelation Lighted Hunting Knife.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

WV deer hunting FAIL

WV deer hunting FAIL.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Hunting YouTube – American vs British hunting

The best hunting, shooting and fishing videos that YouTube has to offer. This week we have lots of British and American hunting stories – and boy is there a difference. Top clay coach Chris Batha explains Olympic Trap while Americans are blasting melons with a 10-gauge shotgun. British anglers are after bream in Surrey while Americans are chasing king salmon on Lake Michigan. Ted’s Holdover is back from his summer break. and has a range of new hardware. Meanwhile, in the UK, Richard Utting is after a single crow. Then we cross to Ireland where Epointer123 is after woodcock just as SSunProd does the same in Maine. This item first appeared in Fieldsports Britain, episode 143. Here are the links: ClayCoachOnline www.youtube.com Iraqveteran8888 www.youtube.com EdgunUSA www.youtube.com TAFishing www.youtube.com ConsummateSportsman www.youtube.com Richard Utting www.youtube.com Epointer123 www.youtube.com SSunProd www.youtube.com

10mm Ammo Gel Test: 180 gr Gold Dot (Underwood Ammo)

Penetration and expansion test of the Underwood Ammo 10mm 180 gr Gold Dot JHP using a diluted form of SIM-TEST

Sig Sauer P938 Nightmare Compact 9mm Semi-Automatic Pistol – Gunblast.com

FOR MORE INFO: http://www.gunblast.com/SIG-P938.htm

Jeff Quinn ( http://www.gunblast.com ) tests the Sig Sauer

Crimson Trace LG-489 Laserguard for the S&W Shield Compact Pistol – Gunblast.com

FOR MORE INFO: http://www.gunblast.com/CrimsonTrace-Shield.htm

Jeff Quinn ( http://www.gunblast.com ) tests the new Crimson

GSG Schmeisser StG-44 22 LR Semi-Auto Carbine from American Tactical Imports – Gunblast.com

FOR MORE INFO: http://www.gunblast.com/GSG-StG44.htm

Jeff Quinn ( http://www.gunblast.com ) tests the GSG Schmeisser

Handling Tips for Operating Semi-Auto Handgun Slides – Gunblast.com

FOR MORE INFO: http://www.gunblast.com/Handling-SemiAutos.htm

Jeff Quinn ( http://www.gunblast.com ) demonstrates some handling tips

BOOK REVIEW – “Sixguns” by Elmer Keith, Now Available in Paperback – Gunblast.com

FOR MORE INFO: http://www.gunblast.com/Sixguns.htm

Jeff Quinn ( http://www.gunblast.com ) reviews the classic reference

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