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AF2011-A1 Double Barrel Pistol by Arsenal at Shot Show 2013 on The Firearms Channel

Two barrels, one handgun. The AF2011-A1 DOUBLE BARREL PISTOL is one beautiful 1911 with a twist. A big twist. Definitely the most talked about new gun at Sho…
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Southernprepper1 Channel Awesome!

Sensible Survival Presents: The Southernprepper1 Channel. We met through a mutual friend and I have been a huge fan ever since his first video. WROL security…

Engineer775 Homestead Channel

Sensible Survival Presents: The Engineer775 Homestead Channel. A great source for living life, prepping, preparing for WROL or Economic Collapse. This guy is…
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Do you like the new channel layout?

I am confused and I wonder if I am the only one.

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Channel Update – Taking a week off

Just a quick channel update. I’m taking off a week and some previews of things to come.
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I finally complete my Saiga Conversion. Things continue to go wrong but I work through it.
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Unboxing and Channel Update

23mrcowboys sent me a nice little package, and here’s what he sent. Give his channel a visit! http://www.youtube.com/user/23mrcowboys Also a quick channel up…
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Hey Folks Here’s What Is Going To Be On The Channel For You All To Watch..Barring Phone Camera Uploads, These Will Be The Last For Awhile.. hopefully they la…
Video Rating: 3 / 5

FPSRussia Channel Art | RevDesigns Vs. LaceDesigns | Speedart Battle

Speedart battle between RevDesigns and LaceDesigns, both designing an FPSRussia YouTube one channel background. Please be sure to rate, comment, share and su…
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SHOUTOUT to GWARGWAR1981 and The Armed Lunch Lady Channel

(Sorry about the out-of-sync audio…I wanted to post this quickly). Just a quick Shoutout video response to Gwargwar and little bit about me and why I became interested in the YT gun community. And why I did not care when my subs took an overnight decrease by more than 20%. It was when I was more of a newbie than I am now and it was because of my support for Steve. My subs went from a whopping 25 down to 19. It was then that I realized that having a bunch of subscribers is really cool…….but there is no way in hell I’d ever chase them or care if they didn’t like me for being me on my channel. Thanks for the lesson Steve, I’m glad I learned it as a newbie. YouTube is the harshest online environment I’ve ever seen (well, as far as gun communities go). By watching people like Steve and Dude from the 80spodcastchannel, I learned that this place is absolutely crawling with haters, trolls and assholes. Better that I learn early rather than late. I’ve got Steve and Dude to thank for that. Cheers Steve, MrWheelie19
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Thank you for the contest, my NRA membership expired next month perfect timing! MrWheelie19


This is a video to let you guys know a little bit about myself and what my channel is going to be about. Im also going to talk about some of the channels that I really enjoy watching and that inspired me to create my channel and do what im doing. Thanks for watching. Like, Share, Comment and Dont Forget To Subscribe!!

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