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Shot Show 2013 – Tapco AK47 mags and 1911 grip panels

I liked the looks of these new flat sided AK mags. They said they have a bakelite version also but they didnt have it at the show.
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(gun control people) I answer why I need an AK-47

I answer what I don’t see anyone on TV and radio answering. I had to use audio from camera my other audio did not record. But it still sound great.
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http://www.youtube.com/user/911ambulancegirl http://www.youtube.com/user/robbie574 http://www.youtube.com/user/PrepperKip http://www.youtube.com/user/GlocknL…
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AK47 Tapco Mods

AK47 Tapco Mods I made and what I am happy with and unhappy with these items. Just my personal opinions.

AK-47 Bumpinator: Accuracy Edition (Home Made Bump Fire Stock – DIY Easy) carry open

AK-47 Bumpinator: Accuracy Edition (Home Made Bump Fire Stock – DIY Easy) carry open CLICK2TWEET: clicktotweet.com Facebook www.facebook.com Twitter www.twitter.com Youtube www.youtube.com Tactical Food Challenges Red Jello Glock: youtu.be AK-47 Fruitecake: youtu.be Coca-Cola Challenge: youtu.be Playlist: www.youtube.com Mattv2099 How To Clean AK-47: youtu.be Pumpkin Massacre: youtu.be Austrian Omelette: youtu.be Playlist: www.youtube.com Bumpinator Bump Fire Stock: AK-47: youtu.be 10-22: youtu.be SKS: youtu.be Playlist: www.youtube.com

This is the definition of triffling
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Huge Explosion with AK-47

FPS Russia Shirts – fpsrussia.spreadshirt.com Twitter: twitter.com
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AK47 foregrip removal and install

Made a video of how to remove and install foregrips on a Romanian AK47.

quick and brief review of the smith and wesson .500
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Combat Effective AK-47

www.youtube.com ā€¢Upgrading my AK platform with the the EOTech EXPS 3 HWS was worth every cent. Adding this EOTech allows for an elevated level of precision in short to medium range tactical environments like never before. Yes it holds zero, like a Boss! The EOTech EXPS-3 features easily adjustable side buttons with a single, quick release throw lever to easily attach or remove the red dot sight. The Extreme XPS or EXPS also has a transverse mount lithium 123 battery for a short sight length. With EO-Tech red dot sight reliability, you get rugged construction packed with premium optical quality. The EOTech EXPS 3 HWS requires 2 3/4 inches of rail space at most thanks to a shortened base. The waterproof and fogproof design will withstand tough environments and perform in any tactical environment. Plus with the average battery life being between 500 to 600 hours, you can be sure the E XPS 3 is ready for action at any moment. SIMPLE KALASH ENHANCE www.youtube.com Travis Haley of Haley Strategic www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com Combat Effective AK-47, Tactical ak-47 chinese norinco mak-90 with eotech sight holographic EOTech EXPS3, ExtremeXPS, Holographic Weapon Sight, EOTech, EXPS3-0, Holographic, Weapon, Sight, MrSKSkill, MrLockandLoad, nutnfancy, sootch00, theaknut, EXPS, Red Dot Sight, Side Button, AK-47, ak , ak47, tactical, dynamic, rifle

AK47 Chat!!

Live Chat with GunWebsites, TheHossUSMC, TheRealTrippleB, CaptainBerz, taufledermaus & P226nut
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AK47, SKS & Nagant Spike Bayonets Compared

We take a look at a few types of spike bayonets and how they compare to each other AK Spike Bayonet SKS Spike Bayonet Mosin Nagant Spike Bayonet GunWebsites.com www.GunWebsites.com Informati

Family, Friends & Firearms 2 Guys, 16 States, 21 Days, 40+ Destinations, 6000+ miles & 1 Doberman Museums, Manufactures & Machine Guns We’ll be in: Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana We won’t be in every corner of each state of course, but please let us know of anything (firearms related) worth seeing in these states !! And stay tuned for lots of coverage of the trip ! Specifics and dates of arrival will remain “need to know” for Operational Security But if you are in an area we will be visiting, feel free to Private Message one of us and we’ll see if we can arrange meet ups along the way Buy Junk that supports the trip: www.cafepress.com GunWebsites.com www.GunWebsites.com TheHossUSMC http www.TheHossUSMC.com Gun Websites Gear; http Gun Websites Blog: www.GunWebsites.net Gun Websites Chat www.GunWebsites.net Find us on Facebook: www.facebook.com Find us on Twitter: twitter.com

AK-47 & AR-15 Rifle Comparison

AK-47 & AR-15 Rifle Comparison

Fun Gun Reviews presents: The “AK-47 / AR-15 Rifle Comparison”. Taking each rifle and showing each feature side by side. Polish Archer AK rifle found at Royal Tiger Imports: www.royaltigerimports.com IO Inc is a Sister Company to Royal Tiger Imports and has the Archer as well: www.ioinc.us AB Arms EXO Boron Nickel Plated Bolt: www.abarms.com Ambi- Safety from Battle Arms Development: www.battlearmsdevelopment.com MagPul MBUS sights and BAD Lever: magpul.com HPR Ammo: www.scottsdaleammo.com Izhevsk T-Shirt design from 1791 Apparel: www.1791apparel.com Thanks for watching~ Sootch00

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