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Fundamentals of Shooting on the Move

In this video we take a look at the Fundamentals of Shooting on the Move. Specifically speaking the footwork aspect.

First off, you have to walk before you can run. So we will start off with the basics, unidirectional movements. Then we move to compound movements.

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TP9V2 Test

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Iranian G3 Battle Rifle

Larry and Tyler shoot a super rare Iranian made G3 Battle Rifle.

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Krav Maga is TOO Krav Maga [No Offence Episode 3]

Ryan Hoover has deep roots in Krav Maga. Google it. Recently he shed the “Krav Maga” from his academy’s name because its just way too Krav Maga nowadays.

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Funker Martial Arts:

You Are NOT a Knife Fighter! [No Offence Episode 2]

Ryan Hoover not pulling any punches. Here he tells you exactly why you’re not a knife fighter. If you watch until the end…you’ll understand where is coming from.

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Funker Martial Arts:

Cowboy Pumpkin Carving with a Colt 45!

Carving our pumpkin this year with my gorgeous pair of nickel Colts. .45 caliber, of course. 🙂
Pumpkin CARVING through the years:
Pumpkin Carving with Henry Rifle (2015)
Pumpkin Carving with .44 Magnum (2014)
Pumpkin Carving with Desert Eagle (2013)
Pumpkin Carving with Colt 1911 (2012)
Pumpkin Carving with AK 47 (2011)
Pumpkin Carving with Glock 23 (2010)
Pumpkin Caving with Glock 21 (2009)

Pumpkin KILLING through the years:
Pumpkin Killing Methods I :
Pumpkin Killing Methods II :
Pumpkin Killing Methods III :
Pumpkin Killing Methods IV:
Pumpkin Killing Methods V:
Pumpkin Killing Methods VI:

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To Martial Artists: Fuck Your Lineage [No Offence Episode 1]


This might be a bit too real for the internet…but if you wanna see more people get offended by the truth, go find “Funker Martial Arts” on Facebook and YouTube.

New Gilboa M43 AR-15 7 62×39 Israeli Rifle

Fun Gun Reviews Presents: The New Gilboa M43 AR-15 in 7.62×39 Rifle. Developed and Made in Israel but now

New Gilboa M43 AR-15 7 62×39 Israeli Rifle

Fun Gun Reviews Presents: The New Gilboa M43 AR-15 in 7.62×39 Rifle. Developed and Made in Israel but now they are making them here in the U.S. Designed around the 7.62×39 caliber using standard AK-47 Magazines with all the ergonomics of the AR.

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Shooting Ruger’s NEW American Compact 9mm Semi-Automatic Pistol –

YouTube Exclusive!

Jeff Quinn ( ) tests Ruger’s NEW American Compact 9mm sem-automatic pistol.

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Reliability Test! Hi-Point C9 9mm

You asked for it, so we’re testing it. We put the Hipoint C9 pistol through the MAC Gauntlet test. The Hi-Point is a very affordable pistol in 9mm, but how does it stack up to far more expensive models in our standardized tests?

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