Monthly Archives: January 2016

The Tactical Response PAINATORIUM

American Eagle Syntech Polymer Jacketed 9mm!

SHOT Show 2016- American Eagle Syntech 9mm

One of the designers of this new synthetic jacketed training round details its features and benefits. Much of what he talks about answers questions viewers had after watching my first video about this round.

Liberty Suppressors Centurion & Cosmic X! New for 2016

SHOT Show 2016- Liberty Suppressors

David Saylors goes over the features of their new Centurion, a compact or “K” version of the popular Mystic X.

Bergara LRP & B14 Rifles! Spanish and American Precision

SHOT Show 2016- Bergara Rifles

Bergara of Spain is known for their high quality barrels and custom precision rifles. They are now producing precision rifles right here in the US, and they’ve even introduced a sub-$800 hunting rifle with a sub-MOA guarantee.

Gunner Kennels! Safest Industry-Rated Dog Crate

SHOT Show 2016- Gunner Kennels

“Man’s best friend deserves man’s best kennel” is the slogan of Gunner Kennels. Their polymer and stainless dog crate is well beyond what you’ve come to know when you think of “plastic” crates.

Dead Air Ghost M Preview! Modular 45ACP Silencer

SHOT Show 2016- Dead Air Ghost M

All you need to know about this can is that it has a wipe!

ATN New for 2016! Thermal Binocs, X-Sight II, Spotting Scope

SHOT Show 2016- ATN Corp.

Chris demonstrates the new X-Sight II, some really cool thermal binoculars, the least expensive full-featured thermal gunsight on the market, and their new spotting scope.

New Airguns from Airgun Depot! Russian Rifles, Austrian Handguns

SHOT Show 2016- AirgunDepot

AirgunDepot has some very interesting new lines of air guns coming to them in 2016. Are you ready for a very Glock-like semi-auto pellet pistol?

Vanquest Tough-Built Gear! New for 2016

SHOT Show 2016- Vanquest Tough-Built Gear

Alex and James show you the features they’ve added to some of their most popular packs.

Armasight New for 2016! Kestrel, Laser Rangefinder, Remote Viewing

SHOT Show 2016- Armasight

Armasight’s upper end sights now include Bluetooth integration with their laser rangefinder and Kestrel weather station.

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