Monthly Archives: November 2015

Active Shooter – Part 8 – Individual Skills

Top 7 Mini Guns: 2mm Pinfire Revolver

Top 7 Mini Guns: Intro-Duction

Active Shooter – Part 7 – Change is Coming!

Midwest Industries Rifles are BORING!

Top 3 AK47 – AMD65

Russian SV-338 Sniper Rifle

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Larry checks out the modernized SV338. A .338 Lapua Rifle that resembles aspects of the SV98.

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Shooting Watermelons with 6.5 Creedmoor – Larry Turns It Off

Inside the 1911

Slow Motion Overload

DP 12 Shotgun

Wilson Combat Vickers Elite

50 Cal Machine Gun

RD Silhouette Patch

Hiding in plain sight – Tactical Walls

The Charitable Warrior

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