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Military Arms Channel & James Yeager LIVE tonight

We have invited James Yeager and Tim (from The Bang Switch blog)
to discus the 5.45×39 situation

Tonight @

Zero shoot to chain

Leisure time with Instructor Zero and his Glock

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Venom Muzzle Brake from Rifle Dynamics

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How The Military Views Us In The Dark “Thermal Imaging” WeaponsEducation

See in complete darkness ! For serious inquires send me a message here:

Mossberg 88 vs 500 vs 590

In this video I compare the features of the Mossberg Maverick 88 to the 500 and 590 series of shotguns.

5.45×39 Steel Core (7N6) Ammo Ban

We train ALL OVER:



What just happened to AK74 Ammo?

What just happened to AK74 Ammo?

Did you notice what just happened ???

In this video we will

5.45×39 ammo WTF just happened ?!?

Did you notice what just happened ???

In this video we will address:

What Started all This?

Shooting Glock Suppressed

Shooting Suppressed Glock 9mm

Firearms Buyers Guide

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