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Silencerco: Saker 762, Suppressor Profile

The Saker 762 embodies all the great features of the Saker 556 including the MAAD Cap, with standoff’s and flash hiders being produced to enhance and expand the user’s functionality. The Patent pending Trifecta MAAD mount and Trifecta flash hider are the industry’s most superior quick detach mounting system, allowing the user one-hand operation. The Saker 762 MAAD is compatible with existing Saker 556 devices and mounts out of the box, and can achieve 134 dB’s with 5.56. Tough enough for 300 Remington Ultra Mag, and full auto use, the Saker 762 is optimized for .308 and smaller. Pending ATF form approvals, the Saker 762 is Scheduled for shipment in March, 2014.

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PAP Project – Part 1 – Stock and Brake

We train ALL OVER:



Ruger SR762

Shooting and showing the Ruger SR762, an AR10 variant that shoots the powerful .308/7.62 cartridge. Thanks to Nashville Gun Shop

Shooting the Glock 1911 – G21 Function Test

We shoot the Glock 21
This gun was supposed to be broken, but it shot fine for us
Two professional

S&W M&P Shield Pistol

Fun Gun Reviews Presents: The S&W M&P Shield 9mm pistol. It’s no wonder this gun is so popular for Concealed Carry.

A Special thanks to NCHeel YouTube Channel:

Thanks for watching~ Sootch00

Music: Pond 5

Tools of the Trade, Part 23 – YouTube Exclusive!

Exclusively for our YouTube friends, Jeff Quinn ( ) looks at more handy items for the

Bane’s Rifle Dynamics Krink and Red Jacket Suppessor

We train ALL OVER:


HTM Knives – Master Proven – ShotShow 2104

Master Sergeant Grady Burrell presents the MP01 knife
Brought to you by:

Guns, LEO’s & the Government – Live Chat #104

AMP 3 Outfitter First Aid Kit

Sensible Prepper Presents: The AMP-3 Outfitters First Aid Kit. This is a comprehensive First Aid kit that works great for

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