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The CZ 97B 45 ACP Pistol Rocks!

Sootch00 Fun Gun Reviews Presents: “The CZ 97B 45 ACP Pistol Rocks!” Back in June I did a full review of the 97B so this is just a fun revisit and a little gun porn. Plus after my Gun Culture Video, I needed to Rock it Out! Lol!

I Highly recommend this pistol.

Thanks for watching~ Sootch00

Music: Pond 5

Team Tactics – Part 1 – Shoot, Move, Communicate

We train ALL OVER:



Gun Gripes Episode 82: Range Jerks

Eric and Barry discuss the “range jerk”, that person that gives an inexperienced shooter a gun they can’t handle. This

Steyr M9 A1 9mm

Shooting and discussing our first Steyr pistol, the Steyr M9 A1 9mm. This pistol is a bit different, but

Extreme Cold Weather Sleep System (E.C.W.S.S.) Review

We train ALL OVER:



Make Ready TV Trailer – short version

Make Ready TV is a television show based on the Make Ready with the Experts training series from Panteao Productions.

Guns At The Bar ! Beretta, All Good: weaponseducation

This Restaurant Rocks ! Beretta In Lamp Shades! Show Your Support ! We Need More Restaurants Like This

Ruger Hunting Revolver

Ruger Hunter model .41 Rem mag revolver
All stainless, with modern styling


The Hickok45 Radio Show Episode 72

Turkey Day Rambling- here it comes! 🙂

Gun Culture

Gun owners know the value of Culture and the tranquility that follows after a day at the range.


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