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Obama Outlaws Gang Banger’s “Go To” Gun!

Vice President Biden announced two new Executive Orders by the Obama administration to effectively fight gun crime in the U.S. Without the support of Congress, including most Democrats, culminating in the defeat of watered down, common sense, background check legislation, President Obama is going it alone and making sure American citizens know that he is still putting “the full weight of the Presidency” behind eliminating the scourge of gun homicides in the U.S.

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Glock 17 48 Yards (Semi Rapid Fire)

Glock 17 48 Yards (Semi Rapid Fire)

Don’t Forget to Rate, Comment, and Subscribe!!!** A little Glock 17 action at 48 Yards from the gong…Enjoy. Copyright 2011 DocTacDad.
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AR15 Drum Magazine Compare

We look at some large capacity magazines for the AR15 and M16 rifles

60-rd and 100-rd box mags from


FN USA gives an overview of their SCAR weapon system. Brought to you by: FNH Url:
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Serbu 50BMG vs Your Choice

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In this short video, we introduce our next project, a full T&E on the Serbu BFG50A, 50BMG Semiautomatic Rifle. We are also looking for interesting test media for the awesome 50BMG round. Please leave us your ideas after watching the video and we will include as many as we can during this project.

How to Remove Cosmoline – Wood Stock Refinish

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Big Rock – Kevin MacLeod


FN USA shows their latest line in lightweight SAW (249) variants. Brought to you by: FNH Url:
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FN USA shows a breakdown and gives further details on the SCAR weapon system. Brought to you by: FNH Url:

RWS 9mm Ammo FAIL!

Don’t Forget to Rate, Comment, and Subscribe!!!** RWS ammo I purchased at walmart. 3 out of the 50 rounds had bad crimping. It was bad enough that I didn’t…
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Top 5 Home Defense Products: Live Or Die? weaponseducation

How Will You Save Your Life In Your Home ? I Know The Comments Will Be High Strung, tell

I Love Guns & Bacon !!

Happy 13th Annual Bacon Day !!

Firearms Buyers Guide<br

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