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NRA and Local Gun Shops

NRA and Local Gun Shops

NRA and Local Gun Shops Join the NRA HERE Open link and click on the button “Click here to join now” Through this link you will save 10 dollars off your annual membership. Only 25 bucks. DO IT TODAY The Gear Obsession Channel Fred Hart
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Magazine Loading 101 PART 2

Magazine Loading 101 PART 2

This is geared toward those new to shooting magazine fed firearms and we take a close up and detailed look at techniques for loading several different pistol and rifle magazines. Several times per week I encounter some person struggling with the basic action of loading a pistol magazine so I’m posting this for those who are about to head to the range for the first time to give shooting a try. Take an experienced shooter with you or go to a public range and ask for the help of an instructor. Have fun and be safe!

This video is a perfect example of a last minute lunch time outing that had very little planning behind it. Sometimes I’ll break from whatever I’m doing, grab a few items and head outside to get some fresh air. I’ll probably be posting part 2 of this video in the future as it includes something rather shocking and a bit alarming that happened shortly after this footage was taken. We’ll save that for later for the time being. Hope you enjoy the video which will include some road travel in the car.

10mm 165gr GDHP

10mm hand load shot into water with four layers of denim. Penetrated three 6″ jugs, denting the back wall of the third for a solid 18″ of penetration. That ought to represent approximately 9″-10″ in gel or tissue. Not recommended for defense. Update: recent tests by tnoutdoors9 indicate that 18″ of penetration in water at 10mm velocity may not really be that bad. I hope to do a calibrated gel test soon. 165 gr Speer Gold Dot 12.3gr AA #7 Avg chronoed velocity ~1302 fps ES: 20 fps 4.5″ bbl Tanfoglio Witness Temp: Fuckin’ hot!
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Open Letter to Our Elected Officials (The Proposed “Assault Weapon” Ban)

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My Open Letter to our Political Leadership regarding the true core issues involved in gun violence. I do not want to see the citizens of our country lulled into a false sense of meaningful action and what I consider a dangerous sense of safety through a redux of legislation. While further reaching than its predecessor, the failed 10 year experiment coined the “assault weapon” ban has proven in the past to have little to no effect on reducing gun violence.

I am appalled at the events of Newtown, Connecticut and, as a responsible, law-abiding gun owner will apply my efforts toward programs and policies that address the core issues of mental illness, education, and socioeconomic pressures that lead to gun crime.

Both violent crime and gun crime is down significantly and I site the studies that support the facts of the matter. Despite great strides in the reduction of gun fatalities, I am more than willing to put my shoulder into reducing the number of mentally ill sociopaths that obtain firearms to commit unspeakable atrocities against our country’s innocents. There is nothing to support the idea that a reworked version of failed legislation will do anything to address this blight on our nation. Instead, I will work tirelessly to educate as many people as possible as to the daunting, less expedient, and harder work of addressing the core issues of, once again, mental health, education, and socioeconomic factors effecting gun crime.

I intentionally didn’t go into specifics of “enhancements” in the new bill. As with most legislation, I believe this bill will look very different if it has any chance of coming to a vote in either the house or senate. It is common to over reach initially so that when things get stripped out on the way to a final version everyone says, “Oh, that’s not nearly as bad.” I don’t want this bill in any form to be wasting the time of our´╗┐ leadership or the national psyche.

I am happy to be part of the solution and call on our nation’s leadership to avoid political expedience by wasting time, energy, and tax-payer dollars misleading the American public with “feel good”, “knee jerk”, legislation and instead tackle the much harder but effective root causes of this issue.

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“The Practical Binocular” Field Use Part 1

CLICK FULL SCREEN TO WATCH IN HD (720p) This is the beginning of a multi-part binocular series where we examine practical methods for carrying, using, cleaning and picking a binocular to purchase. Part 1 deal with practical hold methods and positions to be used without the support of a tripod.

Ruger Mark III Field Stripping PART 2

Brief demonstration of the Ruger Mark III (Mk III) (.22 Cal.) field stripped and reassembled.
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Ruger Mark III Field Stripping PART 1

Brief demonstration of the Ruger Mark III (Mk III) (.22 Cal.) field stripped and reassembled.

Hiking the Desert Suburbs Part 2/2

Just a little early evening walk in the desert outskirts not far from housing developments. I wanted to get out and enjoy some fresh air while I give a “from the hip” narrative about some of my thoughts during the hike. I touch on my clothing used, how to protect optics, proper pre-hike nutrition, game tracks and deer movement. I end up finding a nice little shed antler from a yearling buck from last year’s drop. I sneaked in between two large groups of coyotes howling right at the end of taping too. The point of all this is to show that you can enjoy the outdoors even without leaving town and there’s often good hiking to be had in the suburbs and larger parks. You should always take along at least a minimal self reliance kit before heading out to undertake these types of activities. Also, take a cell phone with fully charged battery and let someone know when they can expect you back. Often people find themselves in trouble during quick afternoon outings such as this. For real instruction on south western self reliance skills, visit


Ladies and gentlemen, the gloves are off. We have no choice and a short amount of time.


AR-15 FTW!

AR-15 FTW!

The AR-15 is better! This is to FredHart and MBVunderground.
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Channel Update 30 Dec 11

First update since I have officially been back to Youtube. Its been too long. Lots more coming in the next couple of weeks. Shoutouts! MadBadVoodoo The Gear Obsession Channel/FredHart FirearmPop

The Moot, breakfast and Hickok45

The Moot, breakfast and Hickok45

Mooter and I doing our normal morning breakfast routine.

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