Monthly Archives: April 2012

Water: Bug Out or Bunker In

Sensible Survival Presents: “Water: Bug Out or Bumker In”. You can only live 3 days without it and it’s abundance

Alternative Brass Cleaning Media – Kitty Litter

My buddy Grubkat told me about this cheaper alternative to corn cob media. Let’s see how well it worked.

Legion Firearms LF-15d

Steve Fisher of Magpul Dynamics gives us a rundown of his Legion Firearms LF-15d with Hex Cut Barrel, slim rail,

Frontier Filter Straw : Emergency Water Filter

Sensible Prepper Presents: The “Frontier Filter Straw”. Filters up to 20 gallons of water and protects against 99.9 % of

Ruger SR22 Full SHOOTING Review

Lots of guys will post a “review” video of a certain gun or gun product. In reality all that review

S&W M&P15 Sport review by Nutnfancy

The S&W Sport AR-15 is the best value AR I’ve seen yet. It’s performance seems to exceed it’s 2012 $650

SR22 Preview

Full review goes live in the morning (4/30/12). You’ll have to wait till then to see the action.

Tactical / Survival Shotgun Modifications

This cheap, simple shotgun with just a few simple modifications and additions has been transformed into the ultimate tactical /

The Hoss vs. Magpul

Quick preview with The Hoss USMC from the range during the Magpul Carbine I class near Tucson, AZ

Springfield XDm Compact .45, 13 Plus 1… Glock Killer ? weaponseduction

The XDm Compact ! .45 is an amazing small package at 13 plus 1.

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