Monthly Archives: November 2011

New Chinese AK47 Polytech AKS-762

We look at the AKS-762, a Chinese AK47 imported by Polytech This “like new” semi-auto rifle in the original box

Practice Makes Perfect

Fun Gun Reviews Presents: “Practice Makes Perfect”… ok, not really, but it goes a long way to improve your skill and confidence. Know your weapon and train to be a Force for Good.

South Carolina Gun School: Mike Lau

Upstate Firearms Training: Ron Arcega

Thanks for watching~

Trail Gems: Series Introduction

While in the outdoors, I sometimes come across beautiful, strange, funny, or otherwise interesting things to capture on film. I

Leatherman Squirt PS4: The Do It All Mini-Multi-Tool

Having already built up a collection of Leatherman keychain tools, It took me some time to justify picking up the

Airsoft 1911 Range Time

Airsoftsootch00 brings you “Airsoft 1911 Range Time”. Working with my KWA 1911 MKIV Airsoft pistol. The battle continues with Airsoft Pro-Am, Rockcastle Shooting Center, Brownells and Hornady all teamed up to create one of the best 3-Gun events ever developed.

3-Gun Nation Episode 10 Trailer

THURSDAYS at 7:00 PM; FRIDAYS at 10:30 AM – ONLY ON VERSUS 3-Gun Nation heads to Kentucky for the first

The Chopper Gunner!

FPSRussia Shirts: Twitter: FaceBook: Zombies:

Video Respose: Firearm Patriots Question: What new service pistol?

VR: Shoutout: This is a video response to Firearm Partriot’s Holiday Giveaway video where he asks what pistol

Draco IWD Complications

Well guys the video pretty much says it all. Besides having my Iron Wood Designs handgaurd break in half I

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