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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Well it’s finally time to announce the winners for my 500 subscriber giveaway contest. I sincerely apologize for it taking

CZ 75 Shadow Competition Hammer Installation

Hot to install a CZ 75 Shadow Competition Hammer.

CZ 75 P-01 Issues: Need Help Diagnosing

I have a P-01 that’s behaving inconsistently at best. With the exception of the sights, main spring, guide rod, and

WWII Russian SVT-40 Rifle at 420 yards

Russian SVT-40 at 420 yards Samozaryadnaya Vintovka Tokareva Obrazets goda Tokarev “Self-loading Rifle” Самозарядная винтовка Токарева образец года mag30th

Air Rifle Pigeon Hunt Explained: Mil Dot Ranging Estimation

This is Part 2 of a 3-part series on ranging long-distance shots in the wind with an air rifle. In

Springfield Armory 1911 TRP

FPS Russia Shirts – Follow me on twitter: Springfield Armory also has a well-known custom shop, where full-custom

Springfield XD Service and Subcompact Comparison and Recoil Before I got the SubCompact for my wife, I wondered what the size difference was between the it and

Uzi Fruit Cocktail

FPS Russia Shirts – Follow me on twitter:

M1 Garand .30 Cal. Rifle

Fun Gun Reviews: The M1 Garand .30 Cal Rifle. Called the “Rifleman’s Rifle”, the M1 Garand was legendary on the battlefield to the point that Patton called it “the greatest battle implement ever devised.”

Thanks for Watching!

Unboxing: Episode 9 (Thanks evankoeve)

Well this is an UnBoxing you guys might want to pay attention to. I’m getting a present from a subscriber

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