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H&K P30 9mm Pistol Handgun Review and Field Strip

This video is a review of H&K’s latest sidearm, the P30. 9mm NATO this new polymer handgun fixes several previous

How to Adjust AK / SKS Iron Sights

Fun Gun Reviews Presents: “Sighting in the SKS / AK-47 Rifle”. Here’s a demonstration of how to adjust your sights for windage and elevation. We use a Tapco 2-n-1 sight tool that makes the operation very simple. This gives you the basics on how to adjust your sights even in the field.

Tapco’s Website:

Tapco’s YouTube Channel:

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Is it Bulletproof? – Ep 3 – The Frozen Turkey

The third installment of the series “Is It Bulletproof?” A series in which we explore what everyday items could be

Colt Tactical 22 Rimfire M4 Carbine

Fun Gun Reviews Presents: The Colt Tactical 22 Rimfire Carbine. Considering the AR-15 to be America’s Rifle, there are many companies making a 22lr version of this popular rilfe. This is a review of the Colt Tactical 22 Rimfire Carbine.

Colt 22 rimfire Website:

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Custom Killer Grip Winner

Announcing the winner of the September Custom Killer Grip Winner.

SILENCERCO .45 Host Test through .45 Osprey

In this video we will be shooting 6 different .45 hosts through the .45 Osprey using Remington UMC 230 gr. ammo. We will also be doing a db test on each host we shoot through the .45 Osprey.

Rossi Circuit Judge

Is it a rifle or is it a shotgun? It’s both. This is one gun that definitely pegs the “Fun

H&K USP 9mm: Review and Disassembly

The USP is H&K’s first attempt to appease the US shooter. So how did they do?

Long Range Shooting

Nikon just came out with what it calls Spot-On technology that lets you enter your exact load and exact scope

CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow: Review and Field Strip

The CZ 75 is the worlds most popular service handgun; yet it is rarely heard of in the US This

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