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Survival Metrics Testing part 4

I try the spark lite again the way it was intended. Took a while since we probably nearly broke it

Garand & others Memorial Day 2010

A Memorial Day look at some of the guns that were actually there! More focus on WWII this time. My apologies to those who fought for us in Korea, Vietnam, the Mid-east, and elsewhere that I neglected to mention in the video. Due to the attention I gave to my father and father-in-law, I was in a WWII frame of mind and got rather caught up in that.
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Note: All shooting in our videos is done by professional shooters for instructional and entertainment purposes. Do not attempt to copy at home anything you see in our videos. Firearms can be extremely dangerous if not used safely.
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Gerber Suspension Multi-Tool

Fun Gun Reviews Presents the Gerber Suspension Multi-Tool. Light -Medium duty tool for work or EDC. The spring loaded pliers and Open Frame design make this tool a most useful addition to your tool box or Bug Out System.

Gerber Suspension Page:

Gerber Tool Guide Webpage:

Thanks for watching~

Survival Metrics Testing part 3

Once done with the fire we check out the wire saw of the Survival Metrics E&E kit. Those experienced in

Survival Metrics Testing part 2

Doing some testing on the fire starting elements of the Survival Metrics E&E kit. Those experienced in survival will get

Survival Metrics Testing part 1

Doing some testing on the fire starting elements of the Survival Metrics E&E kit. Those experienced in survival will get

Tactical Arms Season Two Intro

Make sure and catch Tactical Arms Season Two on the Sportsman Channel and visit my website at for more info about me, my training classes and products that I’ve helped develop.

Jumbo Versipack by Maxpedition

Fun Gun Gear reviews Presents: The “Jumbo” Versipack by Maxpedition. Either for EDC , Bug Out or Get Home Bag, the Jumbo Versipack is a high quality, high value bag that you will enjoy for many years. Configured in the messenger bag style, this bag is State of the Art! They don’t call this “Hard Use Gear” for nothing. Receive a 10% discount by using SOOTCH in the coupon code and tell them sootch00 sent you, You’ll be glad you did!

Maxpeditions Website:

SCAR Night Shoot with DBAL A2

Night shoot with FN SCAR 16S, DBAL A2 and PVS-14. Steel target is at 100 yds, ammo used is M855.

Concealment T-shirt Holster Review

Fun Gun Reviews Presents: “The Concealment T-Shirt”. A great option for the Concealed Carry Permit Holder. With summer upon us, having a highly concealable holster system is critical. The Concealment T-Shirt can be worn with any shirt and a pair of light shorts. It makes CCW easy for summertime fun, yet keeps you and your family protected. I found it at for only $32,95.

Daltechforce Website:

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