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Pistol Dry Fire Practice

Dry Fire Practice with your guns save you time and money, but more importantly, it dramatically improves your Skill.

Tactical Impact Season Two Featuring Larry Vickers

Get ready for season two of Tactical Impact with Larry Vickers.

From clearing a house to mounting a night assault on a fortified enemy, each episode of Tactical Impact will examine a real life tactical problem and the arms, accessories and tactics to prevail. Unlike traditional shooting shows that focus on gun reviews, features and interviews, Tactical Impact looks through the eyes of the guys who have really been there to tell the intriguing stories about the guns that have changed our world.

Taurus PT 745C Review & Disassembly

Fun Gun Reviews Presents the Taurus PT 745C Millennium Pro Compact Pistol in 45ACP. Shooting and disassembly included. Great Pistol and very affordable.

David Thweatt has armed Teachers at his School Ignatius Piazza writes about David Thweatt still has armed teachers at his school (since after the school shootings last

Mouse Guns

Fun Guns reviews Presents Mouse Guns.Mouse guns are known for their less than effective power, but here are some techniques that make these little pistols reliable self defense tools.

Elderly Couple Mugged by their Motel No matter how young, fit, or armed you may be, you can still get taken by surprise and overwhelmed

Colt Mustang Pocketlite .380 acp Pistol

Fun Gun Reviews presents the Colt Mustang Pocketlite .380 acp Pistol.

800 yards, .58 Caliber 1861 Springfield rifle,

If anyone can provide me with what the world record for distance with a .58 Cal Muzzle-loading rifle can you

AK-47 Review

Fun Gun Reviews Presents the AK-47. The Worlds most Produced Assault Rifle.

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