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Larry Vickers and Magnum Revolvers

Larry Vickers and Aaron Roberts take a look at the introduction and evolution of magnum revolvers in police work, self defense and sporting applications.

Visit for more tactical tips, equipment and articles by Larry Vickers. For more Tactical Impact, go to

Colt Commander Gun Review 1911

This is a gun review with shooting, field stripping and the history of this incredible firearm in the Lightweight model. The first major production pistol with an aluminum frame. The little brother to the Colt 1911 pistol, the Colt Commander is one of my favorite pistols. This pistol is chambered for the 9mm, 38 Super or 45 acp.

Larry Vickers and the Sturmgewehr 44

Larry Vickers takes an inside look at a WWII era German weapon that could have made a history changing tactical impact if it had been adopted earlier in the war.

Visit for more tactical tips, equipment and articles by Larry Vickers. For more Tactical Impact, go to

Sensible Survival: Buying

Sensible Survival should fit into your lifestyle but still move you closer to being prepared for a Future Crisis. We will look at sensible and inexpensive ways you can buy the supplies you need without spending all of your hard earned cash. Yard Sales, Flea Markets, and Auctions are great ways to get prepared.

Silencer Research 410 Shotgun Silencer

No country for old men, no problem for John Titsworth of Silencer Research

275 rounds in 12 seconds with the 22sparrow from Silencerco

The 22Sparrow attached to the AM180. 275 Rounds in 12 seconds and the 22Sparrow is just fine.

Glock Model 17 9mm Gun Review

An informal review and shooting demo of the Glock Model 17 9mm Pistol. The Glock was the first Polymer Framed pistol to find huge success in the handgun Market and continues to be one of the most popular Handguns of all time. These safe, reliable and accurate pistols are at the top of my list for best all around Sidearms.

Raising Cash for Sensible Survival

Sensible Preparedness cost money. Here are some easy ways to raise cash with items you already have around the house. Selling on Ebay, Amazon, Craigslist and more to generate money to buy the items for Survival Preparedness you’ll need in the future. Don’t be a victim because you failed to supply the Basics!

united or divided

United we stand, divided we fall! The American People are in a state of panic. The economy is upside down, our Government is putting us in major debt and the Constitution is in danger! We need to stand together and unite under the principle of Liberty and freedon. We need to stop being critical of those who are supporting our Constitution and Bill of Rights and hold those in office accountable.

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