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1904 Crescent Fire Arms Co. (Central Arms) Model 6 “Hammerless” Double-barrel 12-gauge shotgun

1904 Crescent Fire Arms Co. (Central Arms Co.) Model 6 “Hammerless” Double-barrel 12-gauge shotgun

Why I Own a Gun: Daughter’s Boyfriend

Why I Own a Gun Part III: Violent Ex-Boy friends! Friends of ours daughter’s car attacked and all evidence points to ex-boy friend. Violence must be met with resolve.Police first, self defence as a back up. We must protect ourselves and the ones we love. It’s a dangerous world out there so Buy a gun and join the NRA!

Beretta Model 950 25acp Semi-Auto Pistol

An informal review on the Beretta Model 950 25acp Jetfire Semi-auto Single action Pistol. The king of 25 pocket pistol! Reliable, accurate, high capacity and priced right. I’ve had this gun 15 yrs and never had a malfunction.

Why I Own A Gun: Suburban Attack!

Man has an universal right to protect himself and those he loves. It is a Human Rights violation to restrict his ability to do so! The continued series of actual events that have personally happened to me and my Family. You are not a responsible person if you are not prepared to protect your self and your family… this includes your Mother-N-Law! LOL!

Original 1876 Victor No. 1 .22 Cal. Revolver by Harrington & Richardson Arms Company

3000 were manufactured in 1877 and 1878 by the Harrington & Richardson Arms Company

Front Sight Scoped Rifle training Ignatius Piazza leads Front Sight Challenge where a sheriff, financial advisor, real estate pro and SWAT cop battle it

Why I Own a Gun

Why I Own a Gun? Because it has saved my life more than once… A story of how just the presence of a gun stopped me from being a statistic. We have the right to defend ourselves and we need to let Washington know that we will not surrender that right. Ever!

Front Sight Shotgun Training Front Sight Challenge by Ignatius Piazza; a shooting competition pitting ordinary citizens against Law Enforcement and SWAT, with shotguns,

Front Sight Submachine Gun training Ignatius Piazza hosts Front Sight Challenge where a real estate agent and sales manager take on Police Officers in

Front Sight M16 training Ignatius Piazza presents Front Sight Challenge where a Construction worker takes on police in an M16 shooting competition hosted

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