Monthly Archives: February 2007

Front Sight Challenge: Sizzle Reel

*** *** – Front Sight brings you a brand new Reality TV Series already airing on National Television (on

SeaBee Gets Firearm Training at Front Sight – While I was in the Navy as a SeaBee, I received Firearm Training on various weapons, but nothing

Handgun Training – I’m here for the 4 day defensive Handgun Training program. I’ve owned handguns for over 20 years, and

Weapons Training – I used to shoot firearms a lot, but recently my Weapons Training and skills have diminished from lack

Firearms Tactical Training – The Greatest Firearms Tactical Training can only be found here at Front Sight. I’ve been a first family

Precision Handgun Training – I had Handgun Training and firearms training as a law enforcement officer in the past, but I have

Handgun Class – At this Handgun Class it’s quite incredible to learn all the different things about all of the laws,

Handgun Course for a Medic – Handgun Course at Front Sight I wasn’t going to come, and I’m glad that I did because now

Handgun protection – I’ve been a shooter for my entire life, but before I came to Front Sight I was really

Gun Safety Training – This is the best Gun Safety Training course I’ve ever been too in my life. These guys out

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